Mad Lubi - Peculiar Time Chariot

• Hello Jan, thank you for being our guest. Can you introduce yourself a little bit? Where did you grow up, where did you spent the most of your youth?

I grew up in Itzehoe, a small city 50 kilometers north from Hamburg. Most of the time of my youth I spent around Itzehoe, Hamburg and Kiel. With friends we traveled nearly every summer to Westerland/Sylt, sleeping on the beach, having fun, enjoying life.

• How did the club scene in your city influence your music taste?

A lot as we had a very vivid club scene with many interesting collectives going on at that time. So as a teenager I was mainly looking for Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Jazz and achieved quite a wide knowledge in these fields. Also mainly through my record dealer and my football trainer who had a big impact on me. As in these days the Psychedelic Trance scene was very aspiring and I already was quite familiar with the term ‘psychedelic‘ I got my first contact with electronic music. Also cause there were some collectives who were deeply connected to many main protagonists of that scene. I can surely say it was big fun.

• Did music influence your life in an existential way, like moving to a different city, your style of clothes, quitting something like sports, or starting something?

Yes, that‘s why I came to Berlin because of music as I felt I couldn‘t develop in Kiel anymore where I lived before. In the nineties, my friends and I wore very colorful clothes, flares, fur coats from the ’70s of course with faux fur. Also, nearly every one of our group of friends had long hair. I guess that was also strongly influenced through music. We organized festivals, events and broadcasted radio shows. All in all it sometimes influences too much as the money‘s always gone because I am constantly looking for new music.

• Can you tell us something about the mix you did? When did you record it and is there a special idea behind it?

This mix is very special to me as it contains music I was listening to back in the days when my friends and I were deeply rooted in the psychedelic trance scene. It was an impulsion for a long time to record a mix with music that had been played in the chill-out areas at these parties back then. I also felt that there’s a link to the R.I.O. label and it had been so much fun to select and record this podcast for you.
It was recorded during the summer days with a perfect setting at my home. I have a good view into the distance and when I began the sun started to set. During the recording the colors of the sky changed with the music. A magical evening.

• There are quite a lot of podcasts from you floating around the web. Can you give us an insight into the process how you prepare and how the recording situation looks like?

It depends. Sometimes I‘m very spontaneous and just dig records out of the shelves, listen to what happens. If I plan a podcast with a special topic most of the work is just listening to records for a long time to get an idea of what fits. My recording situation is a mixer, two Technics record players – so most of the podcasts are all vinyl mixes. I also have an old CD player which I sometimes include.

• You are a dj with a broad musical interest. What is important to you when it comes to music in general and what is important to you regarding buying a record?

The style is not important, the music just has to catch my attention. When I buy a record I really like to find records which are more less under the radar. I also highly value when the record and cover are well preserved except it is rare as hell. As my collection has increased a lot over the years I try to listen a lot before buying a new one. But there are still some I immediately buy as I see them…

• And finally please Complete the sentence – One of my all-time favorite Records is…

‘CAN – Soundtracks‘ as this record / band changed my life so much until today. I knew the group through my record dealer and on my first trip to a record shop in Hamburg called Zardoz I discovered this gem and was completely blown away.

Thank you for your time and the music –